To be ordained as a deacon, one must:

1. Be a male at least 35 years of age if married, or 25 years of age if single and under the age of 65 by the time he is ordained. Exceptions to the age requirements are made by the Bishop.

2. Have been baptized into the Catholic Church or have been received into full communion in the Catholic Church and have received all three Mysteries of Initiation: Baptism, Chrismation, and Eucharist.

3. Be a practicing Catholic in good standing for a period of not less than five years prior to the date of application. (Cf. Eparchial Statutes #77)

4. Be a resident of the Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma for no less than three years.

5. Be a citizen, a naturalized citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America.

6. Be of good physical and mental health.

7. If married:

  • Have been validly married in the Catholic Church and legally registered by civil authority;
  • Have been married for at least five years;
  • Have the positive, expressed consent of his wife;
  • Agree not to marry after his ordination as a deacon upon the death of his wife and accept the discipline of the Church requiring celibacy for the remainder of his life.

8. If single:

  • Be willing to accept the discipline of the Church requiring celibacy for life.

9. If widowed:

  • Have a reasonable re-adjustment period of not less than two years prior to the date of application and agree to accept the discipline of the Church requiring celibacy for life.

10. If remarried:

  • Have a decree of nullity granted by Church authority;
  • Be willing to execute a waiver permitting access to all pertinent records by the eparch or his delegate;
  • Conform to the prescriptions in #7 above.

Furthermore, serious attention will be given to the following factors when considering an individual for the application process:

  • Ability to relate well to people regardless of their age, ethnic or racial background, gender, religion, social or economic condition;
  • Ability to serve as a Church leader;
  • Demonstrated leadership ability within his parish or community organization;
  • If married, ability to balance the demands of family life and parenting in concert with the demands of the deacon training program;
  • Eagerness for prayer and the acceptance of spiritual direction and formation;
  • Sufficient time for diaconal formation and ministry;
  • Reasonable ability to understand spoken and written English.